Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles were developed with the influence of John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism movement, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies and our own journey across Canada in search of the definition of local.

  • Always think local first. The larger we become the more local we need to be.
  • Invest In our community. Put our capital to work promoting community supported agriculture (CSA), urban permaculture, local environmental groups and local arts.
  • Increase Community and Self-Reliance. Promote personal, community, regional and national security by helping to build awareness that the production of basic needs like food, water and energy need to be as close to home as possible.
  • Share Prosperity. We provide meaningful living wage jobs, engage in fair trade and expect living returns from our capital.
  • Work with Nature. We integrate our activities with natural systems to the largest extent possible. We understand that every decision we make affects the vitality of our ecosystem, the health of all species and the availability of the resources that support life.
  • Celebrate Diversity. ecopartners celebrates and nurtures the natural diversity of the human family, ecosystems and economies.
  • Build Local Community. ecopartners builds community through the exchange of information that provides value to individuals, organizations and businesses.
  • Build a Community of Communities. Community life creates a sense of place and belonging that promotes security and happiness. Collaboration, cooperation, and fair trade between communities create a human-scale architecture for a sustainable global society.
  • Measure What Matters. Measure our success by the things that really matter to us -- knowledge, creativity, relationships, health, consciousness, community and happiness -- rather than continuous material growth. We employ business metrics that support this philosophy such as Living Wages, Living Returns, and the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit).